Ph.D. Dissertation Competition

Call for Ph.D. Dissertations

In order to promote study in real-time intelligent systems 2nd International Conference on Real -Time Intelligent Systems (RTIS 2017) organized in Beijing, China 1-3 September announces a competition for Ph.D. Candidates. Every year we plan to award the prize of $ 1,000 USD and a Certificate of the Ph.D. Dissertation of the Year 2017 in Real-Time Intelligent Systems to a winner whose Ph.D. dissertation is assessed by our Competition Committee as the best one.

Eligibility criteria to apply for  the RTIS Dissertation Competition:

1 – Ph.D. dissertation is defended between 2014-2016

2 – the research area is evaluated by the RTIS PC as relevant to Real-Time Intelligent Systems

3 – the application is submitted together with the following attachments:

a)      A Letter of reference signed by the Advisor

b)      A list of publications over the last 8 years authored by the Applicant

c)      A list of the scientific awards (especially at international scale))|

d)     The Applicant’s CV

e)      An Advisor’s BIO

Assessment criteria:

1 – Original approach to the area in terms of innovative aspect

2 – Contribution to the area of real-time intelligent systems

3 – Clarity of presentation

4 – A deep analysis of the state-of-the-art (references)

5 – A quality of the experiments (simulation based on random data or experiments confirmed based on the real data)

6 – A system demo on CD attached to the dissertation (deadline July 20, 2017)