Mentorship Programme

RTIS conference offers a Mentorship Programme aimed to promote the results of the research projects in the area of real-time intelligent systems pursued by the young researchers, in particular Ph.D. Candidates. Our primary objective is to ease the knowledge transfer between the experienced Senior Professors as Mentors and young researchers as Mentees and establish a partnership by working in the field and to improve the quality of the paper submitted to the RTIS conference.

Eligibility criteria to apply for  the RTIS Mentorship Programme:

1 – young researcher is either a Ph.D. Candidate or a MSc Student in the last year of the study of Computer Science

2 – young researcher has a student or Ph.D. student ID confirmed by the affiliation

3 – the research area is evaluated by the RTIS PC as relevant to Real-Time Intelligent Systems

4 – the paper submitted for the Mentorship Programme is authored or co-authored by the young researcher and when accepted it will be presented by him or her in person

The RTIS organizers plan to support the conference fees  for up to five young researchers 

To apply for the support please email at rtis at with a Letter of reference signed by the Professor from your university who is either your Advisor, Co-Author or Coordinator of the project.

Mentorship Chair

Martín López-Nores

University of Vigo