First International Workshop on Neuromorphic Computing
Co-located with the Fourth International Conference on Real-Time Intelligent Systems
Zhuhai, China
November 01-03, 2019

In a paper published at Frontiers in Neuroscience, the researchers claim they have achieved “the first full-scale simulations of a cortical microcircuit with biological time scales. It leads to many possible break through findings in the neural computing.
The Neuromorphic Computing is an information processing paradigm infusing nerual features. Neuromorphic computing provides a high performance computing platform for simulating large-scale neural networks in real time. Neuromorphic computing enables various applications to devise a platform that can simulate the brain in real time using a fraction of the power of today’s supercomputers. Consequently the neuromorphic computing will take us to the more inexpensive, energy-efficient, and high-density neuristor circuits and accelerating the way to more energy efficient and adaptable computing.

The proposed workshop invites papers not limited to –

Neural networks and its applications
Deep Learning
Energy-efficient computing
Theoretical Neuroanatomy
Brain Simulation
Neuro circuits
Complex computing
Simulation engines
Cognitive robotics,
Semantic Cognition
Brain computer interface
Neurocognitive networks

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Important Dates

Paper Submission: August 15, 2019
Paper Notification: September 15, 2019
Camera ready: October 10, 2019
Early registration: October 15, 2019
Full-rate registration: October 22, 2019
Conference Dates: November 01-03, 2019

Min-Ling Zhang, Southeast University, China
Ron Sun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA