DEMO Session


DEMO Session

The objective of RTIS 2017 Demos is to present the research prototypes and operational systems working in real-time. Our Keynote Speakers and RTIS PC members will evaluate the demos and provide their invaluable feedback on the quality of the system.

We welcome Demo submissions in the area of Real-Time Intelligent Systems, Information Systems, and Intelligent Systems as well as the topics specified in the RTIS 2017 scope.

We expect the demo systems to identify the research objective, the target user groups and the clear motivation that the demo constitutes a niche in the area of real-time intelligent systems.

The demos source code should be available for evaluation by the Keynote Speakers and RTIS PC. The acceptance criteria of the demo system are based on a showcase provided by Authors using the system URL, or its video version presenting the whole range of the system functionalities.

Our Keynote Speakers and RTIS PC will award the best demo system working in real time.


Yao-Liang Chung, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan