Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker


Dr. Pavel Loskot

Swansea University, UK


Rethinking blockchains for flow management in transport and logistics

The original and many subsequent designs of blockchains have been targeting digital currencies, and possibly also financial transactions. Not long after, the new proposals of using blockchains for other more general use cases such as keeping a track record of transactions in the Internet of Things appeared. Unfortunately, these new applications exhibit very different requirements in terms of their transactions', velocity, volume, veracity, variety, and value (5V's) as well as lifetime. In this talk, we will reconsider the underlining data structures of blockchains to move from the securely distributed static linearly linked lists to the secure partially distributed dynamic multiple linked lists whilst assuming the recorded data are either difference representing the actual transactions, or the data are cumulative differences. Our study is guided by the transactions bookkeeping for flow management in transport and logistics.


Pavel Loskot is a Senior Lecturer in College of Engineering at Swansea University. He has over 20 years of experience in signal processing and telecommunications. His present research interests are in system engineering, digital technologies, and digitalization of systems. He is currently involved in several research and development projects with IATA, SITA and Thales which are all concerned with the digital transport systems, processes and infrastructures.