Data grows voluminously and exponentially with heterogeneity and complexity. A single organization or industry processes more than few million transactions hourly and stores several petabytes of data. We live in a world of tremendous pressure to analyze and process data more efficiently where the
Data analytics are able to reflect hidden patterns, incomprehensible relationships, intrinsic information relations, and segmentation. The data applications have introduced cutting-edge possibilities in every activity in our life. Thus, the study of data and its underlying structure, dynamics of data relations, and newer data technologies are a never-ending process. The literature and research on data management are enormous, still, they sufficiently do not solve the data processing requirements.

Currently, the use of technology and interrelations among information pieces generate gargantuan amounts of data. Many studies tend to develop models and systems to analyse the voluminous datasets. Analysing the impact of data leads to application domains on various decisions that have a systematic influence. Knowledge generated from the data analysis can enable the production of critical information for several domains.

Hence this conference reviews and discusses, the recent trends, opportunities, and pitfalls of data management and how it has impacted organizations to create successful business and technology strategies and remain updated in data technology. This conference also highlights the current open research directions of data analytics that requires further consideration/
The proposed conference will discuss the topics not limited to

  • Data applications in various domains and activities
  • Data in cloud
  • Real-world data processing
  • Data inaccuracy and reliability issues
  • Data ecosystem
  • Business analytics
  • New data analytics techniques
  • Physical and management challenges
  • Privacy and Security
  • Crowdsourcing and Sensing
  • Data modeling
  • Deep learning techniques
  • Data fusion
  • Descriptive analytic, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Network optimization


For DAM, the application to IEEE technical sponsorship is pending. When approved, the DAMĀ  papers will be submitted for publication and indexing in IEEE Xplore. Besides, modified versions of the papers will appear in the following journals.

  1. Journal on Data Semantics
  2. Technologies
  3. Data Technologies and Applications
  4. Webology
  5. Journal of Digital Information Management
  6. International Journal of Computational Linguistics
  7. Journal of Optimization
  8. Future Internet

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission: September 30, 2021
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection:October 31, 2021
Camera Ready Due:November 20, 2021
Registration Due: November 20, 2021
Workshops/Tutorials/Demos November 30, 2021
Main conference: November 29, 2021

Contact: dam@socio.org.uk